Woodworking Studio

Fine Woodworking StudioJonathan opened his first fine woodworking studio in Seattle in the late 70′s. His goal was to put together his design background, his still developing skills as a craftsman and artist and create the most sensuous furniture. This would remain his goal ever since.

The studio has high ceilings, wood-stove heat and classical music; saws, planers and shapers; and traditional cabinetmakers benches. Recently the shop has expanded in capacity and I now offer two kinds of work: the one of a kind pieces for which I am known, and now, limited runs (two or three pieces!) of designs which have been in greatest demand. In these small runs, the part of work done on machines can be repeated with great speed and accuracy. This leaves time for the handwork (still the majority of what we do) to be done, as always, with obsessive patience and care. Working in this way, we have been able to reduce waiting time and prices for the client, and the quality is actually enhanced. I am pleased with these changes, and pleased with the way they free me to focus on the detail in each piece of furniture and on new designs.

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