Over the years many of my customers and friends have commented on my work and my way of working. Here are just a few of the comments:

“Of the many pieces of this kind of work that I have seen, the one man who clearly stands out as having a beautiful eye for what he does, is Jonathan Cohen”

Ansel Adams, photographer

“Really, Jonathan is a delight to work with. He is honest. He delivers on time , (always!). And when our pieces arrive, they are more beautiful than we could have imagined. We have owned a dozen or so pieces of Jonathan’s work for more than twenty years and have never had so much as a single problem with any of them.” (Mark)

“His work is ….dreamy. I wish we had a bigger house” (Tatya)

Mark G & Tatya V – La Jolla, CA

“The furniture designed by Jonathan Cohen brings an element of style and grace to any home. The elegant lines and superior craftsmanship are evident in all the pieces. It is hard to decide which of the pieces to select since they are all beautiful and distinctive. As a collector I own many of them, including desks, beds, tables and chairs. It is a pleasure to work with him in defining the look you are seeking for your home. it seems like every time another of his pieces comes into my home, i love my place even more.”

Susan F. B. , New York, New York

“Critics who complain that Northwest furniture makers- though historically superlative craftsmen- are characteristically terrible designers, should look to the work of Jonathan Cohen, where they will see work of sublime beauty. Ethereal, delicate, essays in grace and balance.”

Janice Queener-Shaw, Pacific Northwest Magazine, 1987

“Jonathan, enclosed please find final payment on my new settee. You may not know, but I have coveted this magical piece of yours for nearly a decade. Now I can wrap my arms around it and say, ‘ Mine, mine, mine’. YIPPEE! “

Ms. Kristoffer Whitters, Seattle

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