Seatings and Beds

Leviathan Chair

Shown in maple and silk;

22″ x 20″ x 32″.

The Leviathan chair is extraordinarily comfortable due to a generously curved back rail and strong lumbar support, all shaped by hand with a spokeshave. The design for this and other dining chairs is purposely kept quiet as dining chairs are almost always part of a larger composition, and should not overwhelm. The name has an interesting origin…

Whitten Settee

Shown in East Indian rosewood, pure silk;

78″ x 20″ x 26″.

Designed to provide a brief respite – perhaps in an entry or by a fireplace. The top horizontal is not a backrest, but a way to contain pillows and people.

Legs of Turquoise Bed

Shown in bubinga, East Indian rosewood and lacquered maple; 62″ x 82″ x 32″ (queen size).

Can be made to any mattress size. Side rails lift out for easy storage/shipping. Mattress sits on wooden slats for slight springiness and good air circulation.


Shown in black walnut and wool.;

42″ x 24″ x 24″

All good furniture must strive for a balance between beauty and function. Seating increases the difficulty by adding the problem of comfort. Now make the piece move…a rocking chair…and you have perhaps the ultimate furniture designer/maker’s challenge. I am pleased with this result.

Bone Bed in Spalted Maple

Shown in Spalted maple, hardrock maple, ebony

28″ x 60″ x 80″ (queen size)

An attempt to provide an ethereal, peaceful place to rest; springy, airy mattress support provided by cambered wooden slats.

Works quite nicely in a large selection of woods.