Commissioning A One-of-Kind Woodworking Project

Fine Custom Woodworking - Kimono HandlesThe woodworking studio is set up to design and build whatever you might wish. One-of-a kind pieces still make up the majority of what we do. But with the information on this website, you can get a good idea of some of the pieces we can make in small limited runs of 2-3 pieces. Even then, we often vary the materials.

Your Commissioned Woodworking Project

So, you have options: we can work together on the design of a new piece just for you, or if you are smitten with an existing piece, we can select woods and dimensions to create a version just for you.

Admittedly, for some, handmade furniture is not inexpensive. Although seen in the context of work that should last past your grandchildren’s grandchildren, many see it to be actually quite a good investment. My work is not priced here for a reason. I am not like Ikea or the Home Shoppers Network and therefore do not offer stock items in stock colors at stock prices. Each piece of wood and each piece of furniture IS unique.

Woodworking Project Costs

Fine Custom Woodworking commissioned project Spiral StairsBut, to save both of us unnecessary effort and time, I would like to give an idea of what things cost. Prices range from the least expensive piece such as the Sofa/Hall Table at around $2675 to pieces like the Hauberg Wing Table at around $5875 or the Waterfall Chest at around $8950. The most expensive piece shown on this website is the Kimono Cabinet (handles featured above right) at $80,000. Please realize it took over fourteen months to build, that it is made out of Macassar ebony, gold, and silk and that it has secret compartments and lighting.

We are fortunate to make furniture and house components such as the stairs at right for clients, collectors, and galleries across the U.S. and Canada, and parts of Europe. Although we do our best to keep waiting times down, we sometimes need to ask clients for a bit of patience. We are not a factory. This is not really a negative, as working in wood means seasoning the material slowly and carefully so that by the time we begin work, it has stabilized. This, along with the near-obsessive attention given to all joinery and construction, is why clients think in terms of many generations in their furniture.

Ask What Special Pieces We Have in Stock

As mentioned above, we are sometimes making one or two variations on an existing piece and there arises a possibility to acquire a piece much sooner. Please do not hesitate to ask. And, occasionally, I see a particular piece of wood and make a piece on an inspiration, and it sits by my bench waiting for someone to call and claim it. Call if you please (there are currently two very special pieces available immediately).

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